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😳 Help! My New Year’s Resolutions are Fading!

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

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Our live full-body workouts are completely interactive. Ask me ANYTHING, including exercises specific to any muscle group, or for modifications to help you work around any limitations you may be dealing with.

Best of all, you'll join a like-minded supportive community of non-judgmental and encouraging people who enjoy the stress-release of our one-hour sessions.⁣

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Zoom online workouts with Fonda Dickens


Do You Enjoy Coffee Each Morning? ☕️

And do you add coffee creamer? 🥛

Here are some helpful ways to avoid extra (and empty!) calories: ☕️ First, be sure to read nutrition labels on your creamer. Watch for low calories and low sugar. I also prefer dairy-free. Here is an article that will help you learn more about high calorie vs. healthier choices regarding creamers.

My favorite brands are:


My second trick is to use a coffee frother which you can purchase online here. It’s a very inexpensive and fun way to jazz up your coffee without spending the extra calories or fat.




It happens quickly if we take on too many resolutions. First and foremost, resolutions are goals we set for ourselves to reset for a new year. Most of us think it is motivation that we need in order to keep our goals. That's true in the beginning, but we have to remember that motivation is driven by emotion, and emotions change daily — hourly even. So, being motivated isn’t the problem. The real issue is establishing the DISCIPLINEwe need in order to reach our goals.


Discipline means consistency and repetition, and repetition comes from forming a positive habit. It takes 90 days to instill a positive habit into your lifestyle. With all of this being said, if you bit off more than you can CHEW 😬, LOL, reduce the number or detail in your resolutions. Start small, and then in 90 days add another goal. In short, here are quick tips to put on your bathroom mirror, refrigerator door and/or your car dashboard! 👉🏼 Small Goals 👉🏼 Accountability Friend 👉🏼 Reward Yourself and (have rest days from your workouts) 👉🏼 Track your Progress and Success! Journal and take a Selfie! 👉🏼 Pick something that reminds you of your goal and keep it around you ( workout towel, shirt, water bottle etc.) 👉🏼 The Key to Discipline is Practice and Repetition 👉🏼 Last but not least: SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE!🤗 If you haven’t signed up for F.I.T., here is your chance to join for two weeks free with no obligation! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 🤗TWO WEEKS FREE🤗 With this two-week access, you can sign up for any Live Interactive Class, or check out my prerecorded classes in the F.I.T. Video Library. Share with a friend who joins F.I.T.'s unlimited monthly plan, and I’ll give you a free month for each friend you bring our way. As always, there is no obligation or renewal fee. I don’t roll that way; I just want you to enjoy the community we are building. Here’s to good Health and Happiness this year!





By default, Zoom switches between speakers in online meetings (and workouts!). If you'd like the video not to flip around when others are talking, you can "pin" the host video. Learn more here.


Maximize your workout experience by sharing the Zoom class to a TV! Here's how to accomplish this from a phone, and here's how to connect from a laptop.

Do you have a tech question you'd like me to address in a future newsletter? Ask me here.




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please visit our Google page here.

And thank you as always for your support.
It means the world to me.




The recipes I include are quick, healthy and delicious to me. I’m always busy and in a hurry, so cooking fresh is a challenge. I hope sharing these recipes saves you time and that you enjoy.

Clean fresh eating is key!

Photo ©

Lettuce wraps are one of my favorite ways to cut carbs. Experiment with different varieties, like Butter, Boston or Bibb Lettuce. This recipe is delicious!

You can use lettuce wraps with many different proteins:

Sautéed chicken

Sliced turkey

Tuna or chicken salad

Sautéed veggies

Shrimp, fish etc.

Here are the best ways to ensure you will use the lettuce as a wrap:

🥬 Wash immediately and separate lettuce leaves

🥬 Pat dry and store in a plastic bag or container you'll see when you open your frig!

🥬 Place a paper towel inside the bag to help control the moisture and to keep the lettuce crispy 😋

Photo ©

I love simple dishes that can be assembled either in one pan or one bowl. This is an easy way to eat clean while enjoying LOTS of flavor. I’ve discovered over the years that you can replace salt and enhance flavors by using spices, garlic, onions, and peppers, and acids like lemon, lime, and vinegar.

With practice, I’ve learned what spices work well together, and now it’s become my habit. Here's a great guide that can help you with seasoning blends that compliment each other.

Once again, slow and steady wins the race. It took me awhile to shift from the southern traditions I was raised on. I still love them, but have found healthier AND tasty alternatives to these dishes, which makes me feel better, too!

Photo ©

Last but not least: another one-pan dinner 💡!

This is delicious and simple to make. It does require several ingredients, but it will feed many and provide great leftovers. Enjoy!

Photo ©

Apple cider vinegar has many benefits, and can be a great way to start your day, especially following the holidays.

There are many vinegar beverages on the market now, and a lot of them are expensive and may contain too much sugar. Be sure to read the labels, or better yet — save money and make this tea at home!





While Katharine did not want to be featured, I insisted for many reasons. Katharine preferred not to be, I think, because she’s my right hand in this adventure. Or should I say the brains of the technology, graphic design, ad design, Wix Website etc. Seriously one of the most talented graphic designers I’ve ever seen. In addition to her multi-talent and dedication to F.I.T., Katharine is an amazing friend I've had the pleasure of knowing for over 20 years. She is the real deal with a real heart to help others.

Over this period of time, we have shared wonderful times: from watching and celebrating our children, to boating, exercising, solving our world's problems, and wishing hate away. Her friendship, dedication, and her loyalty to everyone and everything she does is remarkable. I can’t express enough her willingness to push me to pursue my passion for helping and working with others to improve their quality of life and mental health. This is a passion we share and a major goal in my life.

While I’m often insecure about reaching out to others or “shy”, she has always recognized my desire to build friendships and community, and to help instill hope and joy in everyone. That’s what life is about really! Building not only a community, but also a community of trust.

AND to top it all off….

Katharine’s workout dedication is amazing. She knows that the better she feels, the better wife, mother, daughter and friend she will be. She is very driven, and is a true testimony to,

“Never Give Up!”

Katharine has been completing her workouts in tiny spaces inside and outside of a 37' trawler down in the Bahamas. This has been a family dream for sometime. You can follow her family adventures on Instagram at korkzcrewchronicles

It’s amazing!!!!! And beautiful!!!❤️ ☀️


"While F.I.T. was born out of necessity in March of 2020, I love that Fonda has recognized its potential and practicality beyond the pandemic. Now our supportive community is stronger than ever, with more people discovering her true gift for engaging on a personal level, even in a live online exercise class.

With so many mental blocks around the idea of ANY workout, don't let the online format fool or dissuade you. While I usually feed off of the energy of in-person classes, Fonda has channeled that same energy into these full-body workouts, and it is JUST as invigorating, not to mention convenient. She interacts with you, plays upbeat music, and cheers you on in every session, always coaching you about proper form, and always providing modifications so you can add or take away intensity as needed.

Imagine rolling out of bed and not having to fight traffic to get to the gym. Imagine having the option to "hide" during a workout by leaving your video turned off if you prefer. Where else can you do THAT?! Another perk? You can workout with friends and family in other cities and states! My college roommate takes F.I.T. in Maryland, and my sister participates from Sunset Beach. Another friend of ours even takes F.I.T. outside at her daughter's barrel racing tournaments, and one member has taken multiple classes from the U.K.!! And I'm currently taking them in a very limited space on a floating condo in the middle of nowhere!

Start a positive habit you can sustain with Fonda's awesome workouts. I've been doing them for almost two years now, and can say without hesitation that regardless of your fitness level, you'll enjoy them too."


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