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I'm Fonda Dickens, and I've been a certified personal trainer for over a decade. As a busy mother of three, I realized years ago that a healthy lifestyle and consistent workout routine were imperative for my own well-being as well as for that of my family. This same positive habit can be created for anyone given the right support, mindset, and motivation. Through coaching in person and virtually, I've been able to combine the two things I'm most passionate about: building a community, and helping people feel their very best.

Fonda is a Certified Personal Trainer, and also holds certifications in Body Pump by Les Mills, Bootcamp, TRX, Group Fitness, Pilates, and CPR.


When the pandemic came to our shores in early 2020, it threatened to disrupt our shared sense of community. Thanks to Zoom, a group of us were able to keep our physical and mental well-being intact through online group training classes.

Now that we've seen firsthand the benefits of Zoom online workouts, I've realized that its convenience and effectiveness extend far beyond its initial reason for becoming a necessity. 

I truly believe exercising as part of a fitness community makes us all mentally clearer, happier, and yes, in shape. But to me, the first two are worth everything! 

That's what inspired me to launch F.I.T.:

Fonda Interactive Training

You can read more about our story on this F.I.T. blog post, celebrating our one-year anniversary.



Class participants who subscribe to our unlimited monthly online group training classes have exclusive access to the F.I.T. Video Library!

Nine of our most recent 60-minute Zoom online workouts are always available so you can workout anywhere, any time! You'll also find a helpful collection of videos demonstrating stretching and strengthening exercises that target specific muscle groups.

I hope you'll consider giving these convenient exercise classes a try. You might be surprised at how energizing it can be to workout from the comfort of your own home, surrounded by a supportive community of encouraging friends.

See you soon on Zoom!

Let's Play!

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