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Silver Linings

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

I’ve always tried to have the mindset “find the silver linings” when roadblocks occur. It’s certainly not always easy. Trials definitely teach us to adapt during conflict. I try to empower my children as well to have a similar mindset. “When the chips are down, what are you going to do about it?”

When our country shut down and quarantine took place in March 2020, I quickly realized how much I needed accountability in my workouts, and also how much I missed my friends who share the same interest. Being a personal trainer, I knew the effects that could creep in mentally and physically when our routines were disrupted. Within a week of the shut down, I learned about Zoom through my friend Katharine.


Our first Zoom online exercise class together with my three buddies, Katharine, Lauren and Ben. Thrown together, but fun from my living room.


I had been training Katharine, Lauren, and Ben for several years, and the four of us had become buddies. Little did we know how valuable these workouts would become. While we kept our heart rates up and our bodies strong, we also stayed connected, which was my goal. Mental health is equally important to physical health so I said, “Hey, let’s accomplish both together.” We were able to maintain a sense of camaraderie, in spite of being in different locations.

We all envied Ben’s location and admired Lauren's from the horse stables. That’s when I realized, we can do this workout anywhere.


As I fine-tuned our workouts, I decided to invite others to help keep them moving, too. I was excited that many of my friends wanted to “play,” and I began to run a schedule that I hoped suited the morning exercise participants as well as the evening participants.


The crew grew and we had become a fun, supportive little community.


As time passed and we all were still engaged 6 months later, I decided to expand my business and offer online group training classes to others. While it was exciting, I was fully challenged. I am no techie, nor do I really want to be one, but I have learned new computers, new cameras, new microphones, mixing boards etc. I worked with my friend Katharine, and she helped inspire me that I could do it and to not let technology intimidate me. It’s much like working out, really. “Don’t give up!” So I didn’t. Katharine helped me build a user-friendly website and I could’ve never accomplished this on my own. While we were designing the website, my family helped me create a studio at home. I think they helped mostly to get me out of the living room, jumping around at 7:30 am.


The evolution of F.I.T. from living room to bonus room. When creating my logo, I knew I wanted to incorporate the “road” artwork from my training days at SHAPE Fitness Group. The road symbolizes a journey because we are all on this journey together.


With the logo being installed as the final touch, I was ready to launch my website. F.I.T. was officially made public on February 15, 2021. April 1st, 2021 marked one year since our very first Zoom online exercise class, and what an amazing year it’s been. So this was the silver lining I found this year when things were shaken up so terribly. Let’s all try to find the silver linings and productive ways to adapt when things get blue. Exercise lifts my spirits more than I can ever express, and I want everyone to find that too.

What’s YOUR Silver Lining?

And even more,

What’s your Fitness Magic?


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Lastly, I am truly grateful to Katharine who has not only sweated it up with me this year but also supported, guided, and loved me. Especially when I just wasn’t sure about myself.

Friends are dear and close to our hearts, and are one of the greatest gifts on Earth.

To all my F.I.T. Friends,


And to my newest F.I.T Friends...

LET’S GO!!!!!




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