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Your Secret to Success: Accountability + Fitness

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

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Fall is HERE, and it's the perfect time for a fun F.I.T.ness session, indoors or out!

The magic of Zoom lets you take these workouts ANYwhere.



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Not able to attend a LIVE class?

Unlimited Monthly members have access to an online library of our most recent workouts! The F.I.T. Video Library now includes strengthening and stretching videos that target specific muscle groups!





One of the many advantages of Zoom online workouts is your ability to take your "gym" anywhere! Friends not only make exercising more fun, they are the key to your success, especially when you're starting a new routine. It's one thing to begin a new healthy habit, but quite another to sustain it. Adding friends to your fitness routine is just the accountability you need. You won't want to let them down by not showing up, AND you'll feed off of each other's energy during the workout.





I have several clients who feel intimidated by the thought of cardio, or running for exercise. No one likes feeling gassed because it makes us feel defeated. Be easy on yourself and remember: slow and steady wins the race in regards to running and increasing our stamina and endurance.

During a normal walk, give yourself intermittent goals that involve short bursts of running. This type of “interval training” is great for your heart and your mind! We increase our metabolism with interval training, hence why I add intervals to my classes. We don’t have to run a marathon to be successful or effective, but we can increase our stamina and fitness level with these bursts of energy.

I've often encouraged clients to start with “Mailbox Running”. This means to set a short distance goal in your neighborhood or favorite place to walk with short distance landmarks. Then, walk 2 minutes and then repeat. Start with 15-minute drills and within a week or two you will notice a difference in your heart rate and recovery time.


You will gradually create leaner, stronger muscles, improve your energy levels, lower blood pressure, prevent diabetes, and you will improve your overall mental toughness and motivation.

Here's a great article that references this recommendation.




This is huge! When starting a new positive challenge forgive yourself if you goofed or slacked the day before.

You are human! Don’t allow it to be an, “Oh well”, moment. Just shake it off and jump right back on the healthy train! . This article does an awesome job of explaining why forgiveness is imperative for your mental AND physical health.





Turn your device horizontally and you'll see the F.I.T. workout full screen! This also works great if you decide to connect your phone to a larger tv screen. Sounds simple, and it is, but it makes a big difference in your class experience.

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It means the world to me.





What does accountability actually mean in regards to fitness and our overall health? Accountability means an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility, or to account for ones actions.

After having children, I realized I wasn’t taking as good care of myself as I was of everyone else. I slowly lost my positive habits of taking care of me.

It’s easy to allow our responsibilities to override our overall health, while in fact, WE need to be healthy to take care of our daily tasks. Exercise clears our minds, strengthens our bodies, and keeps our heart and lungs happy!

Realizing I had fallen into a rut, I found a group fitness class that I fell in love with, and I also found a new friend and accountability partner named Jan. We met at least three days a week and would call each other if either of us skipped a day. It quickly became fun. I found myself not only not wanting to disappoint myself, but I also didn’t want to disappoint her! We remain friends to this day, and both went on to join the Fitness world of instructing and helping others. This was not our original plan but it became our passion in life.

I challenge you to find that special friend, family member or instructor who can help hold you accountable. Having an accountability friend will help you feel supported, and helps you raise the bar when it comes to your exercise and nutrition routine. It’s amazing how one action feeds another. After each workout remind yourself how much better you feel. “WOW I feel so much better!” Even quickly record yourself and replay the video the next time you feel in doubt or blue, and remind yourself of all the good things you accomplished. This tip will allow you to be your own fitness friend, too. When we look in the mirror, we know we can’t fool ourselves.





The recipes I include are quick, healthy and delicious to me. I’m always busy and in a hurry, so cooking fresh is a challenge. I hope sharing these recipes saves you time and that you enjoy.

Clean fresh eating is key!

Photo © Cookie & Kate

From the website: "These pumpkin muffins are perfect for chilly fall mornings and afternoon snacks. They’re healthier than most, since they’re made with whole wheat flour and oats, sweetened with real maple syrup or honey, and call for coconut oil or olive oil instead of butter. Believe it or not, this healthy pumpkin muffin recipe yields light and fluffy muffins."

I like to add Spinach, Boston or Bibb lettuce to the Arugula because it helps soften the peppery taste of Arugula. My family prefers this so I’m always game for a little change in a recipe if they will enjoy their salad with their meal. From the website: "On my endless quest to make salads as exciting as the rest of the meal, Arugula Apple Salad is a fresh take on the Arugula Salad that's been a staple in our house for years. This version contrasts the frilly, peppery, deep-green leaves with crisp apple slices, creamy goat cheese, and buttery pecans with a sweet, tangy dressing that pulls it all together."

Photo © Café Delites

From the website: "Lemon, garlic and parsley are infused in this salmon while it bakes in your oven in only 10 minutes. All-in-One-Pan Lemon Garlic Baked Salmon + Asparagus is the best and easiest way to get salmon on your dinner table!"


There just aren’t enough words! Lauren’s dedication to her overall health is so inspiring. It makes my day when I see Lauren clocking into a class from the F.I.T. Library on days she isn’t available for a Live Interactive class. Her positive energy was definitely something special she was born with, and she absolutely shares that with us all. I’m grateful for her and the friendship we have made through positive movement, as well as the mental and physical awareness of how exercise can help us heal from the inside out.


"Why did I join F.I.T.?"

"Let me tell you - there is no other fitness program that compares to F.I.T. Not even close!

Do you like the flexibility of working out from home? Still need the accountability of a trainer? Enjoy the camaraderie of working out with friends? Well, this is what F.I.T. is all about!

I have been a personal training client of Fonda’s for many years and when quarantine hit, she was quick to improvise and provide a new way for us to stay connected and fit at the same time. Our Zoom workout sessions have been a mental savior during this very difficult time, and I am in the BEST shape of my life! We have literally laughed and sweated our way through 2020 and 2021, and I wouldn’t trade our virtual sessions for anything in the world!

Live your BEST life by starting out your day with a F.I.T workout - your body and mind will thank you for it!!"

Check out my classes and join our team! We are staying strong, happy and motivated together.


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