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ARE YOU READY? Head into the Spring Season with Confidence!

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I honestly can’t believe it’s been TWO YEARS since a couple of us decided we would keep on keeping on since we couldn't be together in person. Over time I continued to reach out to the many wonderful people that continue to participate in my classes each week!

This journey has been a true blessing and I love nothing more than the community we have. I’m fortunate enough to see wonderful friends in each class which fills my soul. And for my participants who are unable to take my live online classes and use my F.I.T. Library, I love seeing your names each week. Makes my day to know you are investing in your overall health.

If you haven’t tried my classes I encourage you to sign up for

Two Weeks Free. You will have access to my live classes and my library!

What to expect?!

This class has a group fitness feel and is a

Full Body Workout.

I have designed this class to increase your metabolism, give you lean muscles, strengthen your core, improve your balance and focus on form throughout my coaching. Technique is everything!

Get F.I.T.!

What are you waiting for?

Join this fun community to feel and see your results!

If you are New to F.I.T. or have a friend who you know would enjoy our energy and Full Body Workouts please share the link below.

If you are a member and you refer someone who joins, you receive a free unlimited month of workouts.

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Do you love extra flavor with your food?

And do you sabotage a healthy meal with added calories?

One helpful way to avoid extra calories: READ NUTRITION LABELS.

Many years ago I started paying closer attention to my calorie intake. I quickly learned that condiments were definitely my food crutch and I didn’t understand portion control. So let’s just flashback to my college days… A little dip here a little extra dressing there… I honestly didn’t realize the extra calories and fat I was adding to my foods. But I truly love flavor!

Through the years of education and sampling I have learned to still enjoy my dipping, but by reading labels or even better making my own sauces. I have several go-to’s for making sauces or dressings.

The article here gives us a great reference to help us make healthy selections:



Get F.I.T. For Warmer Weather!!! It’s such a happy time of year when we all have a little spring fever and are excited to spend more time outside. Feeling great in warmer weather makes us even happier. Keeping up with our exercise routine is definitely on our minds as we think about the beach, boating, vacations, etc. REMEMBER STAY WITH YOUR ROUTINE!!! It’s hard to get back but never impossible. It takes 90 days to develop good habits and 90 days to change bad habits. The article here helps support my thoughts:

HELPFUL TIPS TO REACH YOUR GOALS: 👉🏼 Accountability Friend 👉🏼 Track Your Progress
...and how you feel after workouts! 👉🏼 Establish Habit Cues
Pick something that reminds you of your goal and keep it around you! (a shirt, workout towel, water bottle, etc.) 👉🏼 Stay Disciplined
The key to discipline is creating a positive habit that eventually becomes part of your lifestyle 👉🏼 Last but not least: SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE!🤗 If you haven’t signed up for a F.I.T. class yet, here is your chance to join for TWO WEEKS FREE with no obligation.

AND if you are shy or intimidated about my Live Classes, this link will give you access to my F.I.T. Library which you can check out anytime on your own. You can even start by completing individual portions of the 4-part classes, in order to build up your strength and confidence!




By default, the Zoom screen switches between speakers in online meetings. If you'd like the video not to flip around when others are talking, you can "pin" the instructor.

For desktop users, click here to learn how.

For Mobile or iPad users, click here.


Maximize your workout experience by sharing the Zoom class to a TV! Here's how to accomplish this from a phone, and here's how to connect from a laptop.

Do you have a tech question you'd like me to address in a future newsletter? Ask me here.



The recipes I include are quick, healthy, and delicious. I’m always busy and in a hurry, so cooking fresh is a challenge. I hope sharing these recipes saves you time and that you enjoy.

Clean fresh eating is key!

Photo ©

I absolutely love this healthy and simple recipe! As usual, I switch things up a bit with my cooking and recipes. While this recipe is great, I do love chopping up a rotisserie chicken and lightly sautéing it as my meat choice. When I was younger my mother and I used to make homemade egg rolls, wraps, and all! It was a family fave. Her trick was sautéing chicken breast and then cutting it into small pieces versus ground meats. Either choice is delicious but I love my mom's way best! I hope you love it as much as I do!

Photo ©

Photo ©

Speaking of condiments, this recipe is delicious and simple. I make this as a topper for many dishes. It’s fabulous on burgers, fish sandwiches, lettuce wraps, salads, tacos, or with fresh-cut veggies. This is a nutritious way to add flavor while adding good nutrients as well!




Sandra makes my day!

Sandra and I have been friends and trained together for years. From poolside watching our kids when they were little to Bible Study, Personal Training, Body Pump, and now F.I.T. I’m grateful for her and her trust in me as a Trainer. She has no idea how much I love having her in class. Her humor, wit, and strength are motivating and fun for us all!

She is so much stronger than she realizes and her mental toughness is admirable and addictive. And speaking of discipline earlier in my newsletter, Sandra helps me want to be a better instructor, trainer, motivator, and friend. It’s friends like this that keep me disciplined as well. It takes a village and I love our team! Here’s to Sandra and all of her additions to our F.I.T. FAMILY!


"I have been a client of Fonda’s for many years now and during the pandemic, when we were stuck at home, I felt lost with a workout routine. I tried various YouTube videos but I found I would get distracted. Fonda reached out to some of her clients and we began working out together via zoom. It was so much fun and what a workout! Fonda finally started FIT and I have never looked back on my workouts or going back to the gym. The F.I.T. “Zoomers” (her clients) are so much fun to work out with, it is like a small family. I really appreciate waking up and getting my workout clothes on and connecting to my zoom classes without ever leaving my home! Fonda always includes modified versions of the workouts so you can go low impact or high. If you are sitting on the fence about working out, this is a great place to start your journey!!"








See You Next Month!


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